Kartaros is a monarchy with soveregin power held by the monarch. The current monarch is Queen Amelia (born 29 FE), only child of King Desnor (3 FE – 47 FE). The royal line is more than a millenium old.

Kartaros fell under the control of Bel Akkar 130 years ago (counting from 56 FE). Since then, the monarchs have only been able to produce a single child, resulting in the line of monarchs being a mixture of kings and queens.

Traditionally, Kartaros has had very strict cultural segregration of sexes and rules for behaviour, but since the Akkaran rule, this has lessened greatly, and a lot of the free spirit from the Akkaran culture has gained hold. King Desnor was very conservative, and labored towards reviving old traditions, but without much success. Kartaros is a rather egalitarian society by now.

Queen Amelia rules together with her consort (fiancee Mindrus, a high ranking noble of Mattalia province, Sedonia), and her guardian, the eunuk Bunt (Arrobundus).

Kartaros gained military aid and equipment from Sedonia in their campaign for liberation.


Kartaros is only thinly populated, and generally not wealthy. The kingdom’s economy can barely maintain a respectable standard of living for the Queen, and resources are being prioritized with a great deal of scrutiny in order to make ends meet.

Population: 1 235 000
Racial composition: >99% Beardling Human
Wealth: poor
Languages: Sedonian, Akkaran
Currency: Akkaran Shells
Government: Absolute monarchy
Capital: Ozirb
Cities: Elmy


A widespread tradition is afternoon tea, served together with Sadikels, a sweet cookie with broccoli.


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