Briefly about Sedonia…

There are 10 provinces:

  1. Togradia
  2. Mattalia
  3. Infazar
  4. Marisia
  5. Akoria
  6. Eltazar
  7. Rotulia
  8. Dethelia
  9. Appakrya
  10. Sercovathi


Recent History

  • 4 FE: Emperor Dromithius VI dies without an heir. An emergency council is established among the 10 principalities.
  • 7 FE: The Empire collapses completely following the yearly negotiations where several princes threaten with, and ultimately declare, war.
  • 8 FE: Lord Davion Sercovathi is quick to seize the geographically and militarily small Appakrya through political cunning. The Appakryan prince realizes the weakness of his military, and agrees to officially give all sovereignty to Sercovathi.
  • 16 FE: Sercovathi capital is moved to the coast of former Appakrya to centralize the governing body.
  • 29 FE: Lady Corinne Sercovathi takes over from her dad, who passes on the title due to feeling old.
  • 32 FE, autumn: Sercovathis capital is conquered and the palace destroyed, and shortly after Prince Eltazar is assassinated by wizards in the service of Togradia, who subsequently conquers all of Appakrya and Sercovathi. Eltazars heir is currently in Kulthist to seek military assistance.
  • 32 FE, winter: Local heroes thwart a pending invasion of Eltazar planned by Rotulia using animals augmented and mutated by dark magic.
  • 33 FE, late spring: Eltazar appoints Jarik Eltazar new prince. Sercovathi and Akoria return to Sedonia via Eltazar, beginning their campaign to regain the lost land. They are assisted by Count Birem of Eaglemark and by troops from Kulthist and Eltazar.




Racial composition

The dominant species in Sedonia is Human, with Beardlings being the most numerous.


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