The world of mortals is called Niliendathil, which means, literally, “The Protected Realm’’. The more general name ”/wikis/Nithil/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Nithil (loosely translates to All Realms) refers to all the planes surrounding Niliendathil, including the Divine Planes.

Creation Myth

In the beginning was Chaos. A Chaos that still to this day is the root of many inexplicable events. From this Chaos was born a single god, The Lonely. It was a wise god, who despised the all-encompassing chaos, and it desired order. The Lonely wanted a place to provide sanctuary from Chaos, a place where everything wouldn’t completely be consumed by it. So it came to pass that The Lonely created Nithil, and therein also Niliendathil, the protected realm.

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The Pantheon

The system of gods in Nithil. There are 6 circles in the divine system.

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