Tag: Racial Trait


  • Xenoscepticism

    *Xenoscepticism* [ -5 ] You are suspicious of anything with which you are not familiar. You react to other people and things at a -1 per strange thing, cumulative. This penalty can be overcome, when the source of the suspicion proves itself good enough …

  • Pitch Goblin Sight

    *Pitch Goblin Sight* [ 3 ]: Colorblindness [ -10 ], Detect Magic (Reflexive +40%, Biological -10%) [ 13 ]. [[Pitch Goblins]] can see magic and the mana flow of [[Niliendathil]] with their eyes. This has the side effect of them not being able to …

  • Milk Intolerance

    *Milk Intolerance* [ -1/level ] Whenever you ingest even small amounts of milk you make a roll vs. HT+1 applying a penalty equal to your level of this trait. Failure results in stomachaches lasting MoF hours. This gives a -2 penalty to all DX and IQ …

  • Talent (Bureaucrat)

    *Bureaucrat* [ 5/level ] This talent gives bonuses to: Accounting, Administration, Current Affairs, Law, Politics, Savoir-Faire. You have a knack for the administrational details of stately matters.