Vela Vialtia

Sercovathi court magician and civil war hero.


Vela is fair skinned, even among other Moon Elves, with hip-long, straight, flowing, chestnut coloured hair. Her eye colour resembles the ocean; one can never quite tell whether her eyes are deep blue, light blue, or green.


The Sedonian Civil War

Vela Vialtia, along with Gorm Vovathi, were instrumental in securing peace in Sedonia. Being confident and prominent fighters affiliated with a fighting arena in the Sercovathi capital, they were summoned by Corinne Sercovathi to be sent out on a mission to thwart the threat from a trio of wizards causing trouble.

During this mission, Vela became deeply involved in the Sedonian civil war, and traveled broadly. She defeated the three wizards, whereafter she continuted to support Sercovathi in her quest to unite Sedonia.

For her exemplary bravery and success in battling the wizards, Vela was rewarded an island just off the coast of the Sercovathi capital, where she later settled down to devote herself to studies of the magical arts.

Current Life

Vela is currently serving as Arch Mage to the Sedonian Republic. She has made her island the center of magical research in lands far beyond Sedonia. She is heavily involved in magical research, and is often abroad to collaborate and mediate with foreign nations and their magical academic institutions.

Vela Vialtia

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