Sialie Sianalia

Skinny with black hair and green eyes.


Young moon elf, aged 137. She



Sialie is born in Eltazar, in a little homestead on the outskirts of a village an hours journey west of the provincial capital. The homestead is home to her parents, and includes a very small forest. Her parents brought many aspects of their native culture with them to Sedonia, and Sialie has grown up with those principles. She is initiated into the Zendoran Church, which her parents also belong to.

Early life

Sialie’s big idol has always been her big brother. He is beautiful, gracious, elegant, and a natural at the bow and arrow. He is a well liked show-off, popular with the ladies. Sialie doesn’t have much in the way of beauty or charisma, but her determination to aspire to his level has made her hone her skills with the bow, making her a decent match. She still feels like she pales in comparison, but this only serves to fuel her passion.

Current life

Sialie still lives with her parents, although she is rarely home. She travels often around the province in pursuit of training, experience, and work. The usual jobs she takes are as a caravan guard, which allows her to learn the lay of the land.
Sialie’s most trusted companion is her great stallion; the warhorse she acquired as a present from her fiancée, Laonell Laskarion of the neighbouring estate, on their engagement day.


Mom: Siralie Sianalia, 304
Dad: Aoryo Aorvordain, 347
Brother: Aolan Aorvordain, 148
Fiancée: Laonell Laskarion, 123

Sialie Sianalia

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